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Setup Telegraf on Windows

In this post, steps to set up Telegraf on windows are detailed.

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Telegraf is a collecting agent which periodically queries data source, for example, MySQL, Perfmon, etc and sends collected data to a destination, for example to InfluxDB time-series database. We should have an output source already in place which is InfluxDB in this post. Let's set up telegraf on windows.



Step 1 - Download Telegraf

Step 2 - Extract to Program Files

Step 3 - Run Telegraf as Service

  • In a newly opened window, scroll to window version.

  • Paste URL in the browser

  • Zip folder would be downloaded

  • Open command prompt as admin

  • Create a directory under ProgramFiles

mkdir Telegraf
  • Extract contents of the downloaded folder from the previous step to the Telegraf directory

  • Open a command prompt as admin.

  • Go to "C:\Program Files\Telegraf"

  • Give the command to install telegraf service

 telegraf.exe --service install
  • Give the command to run telegraf service

net start telegraf

As a result, you should see below in window services(Win+ R -->services.msc)

In case you face any issues in starting the service, go Event Viewer --> Window Logs-->Applications and check for error related to telegraf

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