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LearningMilestone by Anuradha Agarwal is a one-stop place for coding classes for kids and workshops for teachers and parents and self-paced courses, a blog for everyone to learn python programming with a personalized approach by an experienced instructor with a decade of experience in the software industry.

About Me

Hi, My name is Anuradha. I am a software professional with thirteen years of rich software QA experience in globally leading companies. During this tenure from 2003 to 2017, I worked on diverse QA engineering projects with expertise in test strategy, test case creation, test automation and performance testing. In 2017, I followed my passion and created my Edu Tech start-up in the coding domain.   Backed by the experience of 14 years in the software industry, I have been teaching for four years through live classes, my youtube channel, my blog and self-paced courses on udemy. Check my recommendations on my website, FB page and udemy. I start from basic concepts, like giving real-life analogies to teach syntax and upgrading the student gradually to achieve high-level programs, apps, games and more. Do connect with me if you are looking for a coding workshop for yourself or wish to arrange it for a group. ​

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