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Steps to connect to AWS EC2 Linux Instance

In this post, I will be taking you through end to end steps to launch up AWS EC2 Linux instance. Further to that, I will talk about utilities like PuTTY, PuTTYgen & WinSCP

AWS EC2 provides developers & testers with an environment to develop & test the applications. Also, with AWS free-tier account, testers & developers can have their own instances like Linux instance and do learning for tools & languages based on the particular environment.

Many a time, in my posts & videos, a prerequisite is to have a Linux environment. This post will help you to launch AWS Linux instance and hence get you ready to proceed further with your learnings.

To visit more such posts, follow: #TestEnvironment


Step1 - Download PuTTY & PuTTYGen

Step 2 - Create Free-Tier Account in AWS & Login

Step 3 - Launch EC2 instance

Step 4 - Create a PPK format key with PuTTYGen

Step 5 - Login to the Linux Instance using PuTTY

Step 6 - Additional, transfer file using WinSCP

PuTTY provides an interface to ssh or telnet a client & PuTTYGen is a key generator or converter to PPK format key which is further used by PuTTY while connecting to a client.

  • Download these utilities from the link

  • Create a free tier account from here

  • Once done, login

  • We will launch EC2 instance

  • Go to link marked

  • Go to instances--> Launch Instance

  • While launching an instance, you will be required to create a key.

  • Once a key is downloaded save it in a safe location.

  • Make Note of IP address of the instance launched

  • Open PuTTYGen

  • Go to Conversions--> Import Key

  • Select the key downloaded in the previous step

  • Click on Generate button. Keep on moving the mouse while key gets converted to PPK format

  • Save Key. You will get a confirmation message. Click OK

  • Finally, you have a key in PPK format

  • Open Putty

  • Enter IP address

  • Go to SSH --> Auth

  • Browse private key (PPK format) which you saved in the previous step

  • Click on Open button

  • You will get Security alert.Press OK.

  • Login as ec2-user.Congratulations you are connected to AWS EC2 Linux Instance

  • Download WinSCP utility to transfer file from windows to linux .

  • It uses key in ppk format


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