Set up Grafana on Windows

In this post, I will be taking you through steps to set up Grafana on windows.

Here we will be using sample database which we imported in our post - InfluxDB CLI -Begin with Influx Database

To see more such post #RealTimeMonitoring


Step1 - Download & Install Grafana for windows

Step 2 - Open Grafana in Browser

Step 3 - Add Data Source

Step 4 - Create a Dashboard

Step 5 - Add graph

  • Once install is complete, open URL: http://localhost:3000

  • Default user/PWD is admin/admin. First-time users need to reset the password.

  • Once you login, go to link Add Datasource from any of the marked locations:

  • From the list, select TimeSeries Database InfluxDB:

In the opened window, add sample database which we imported in InfluxDB in last post