Gatling development Environment using maven & IntelliJ

In this post, I will be taking you through end to end steps to set Gatling integrated development environment. Steps include installing JDK, maven, install Gatling maven project template, scala plugin for maven & configuring scala SDK. Further to that, I will be running a sample script through the command line to verify the integrated environment

This post will enable you to get started with Gatling development environment & harness the real powers of Gatling.

Gatling is a wonderful tool and paving its way to the most popular open-source performance testing tool. Being code based, it gives developers & testers flexibility control over the scripts which can be easily maintained! Gatling takes an edge over traditional UI based performance testing tools like JMeter.It meets demands of early performance testing & integrates well in a DevOps environment.



  • Step1 - Install OpenJDK

  • Step 2 - Download & Set Up Maven

  • Step 3 - Create a Gatling Project using maven

  • Step 4 - Install IntelliJ - Community Edition

  • Step 5 - Import Gatling project in IntelliJ

  • Step 6 - Mark Test Source Source & Resource

  • Step -7 - Install Scala Plugin

  • Step -8 - Configure Scala SDK

  • Step -8 - Other Way - Add Scala-Maven Plugin to POM.xml

  • Step -9 - Verify Development Environment

See in Action: Gatling for beginners | Create an Integrated Development Environment

You can download & install hotspot OpenJDK 11 using ADOPTOpenJDK here. If you are not familiar with OpenJDK, please visit below to get introduced & install the same:

See in Action: Setting up Open JDK in Windows

As the above video says, make sure that you get correct java version on giving command