Passionate About Inspiring Others

In the mix of all uncertainty, one thing is clear the future is undoubtedly digital. Every business is transforming to digital at a pace faster than before.
Every change comes with persistence, and we must have clearly defined learning milestones for our kids.​
We are a team of passionate people with a proven background. We build a strong foundation in our students, and we are persistent in getting them to achieve their goals. 
We are known for providing the best in class software education through our online and offline courses.

Our Approach


  • A holistic approach to building analytical capabilities in kids along with the equal emphasis on the learning of language with ease & fun

  • Providing reference of lessons taught & practice exercise through google classroom

  • Building profile of kid by introducing professional-grade tools used by the tech community across the globe

Our Core Values

  • Persistence - Because changes come with persistence

  • Sincerity - Being Sincere and Honest is the key to creating trust with students and parents

  • Happiness - Without happiness, there is no fun in learning 

  • Inspiration - We create inspiration for everyone each day to keep moving toward their learning milestone


I am Anuradha Agarwal, Founder and Lead Instructor
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  • Blogger, Youtuber & Instructor. Following her passion for learning and sharing knowledge acquired during the span of two decades

  • 2 Decades of Programming experience with leading IT corporates Infosys, Motorola, Agilent & Bechtel

  • 4 Years of Coaching Experience in UAE

  • Popular training courses on Udemy subscribed by 10K + professionals across the globe